Tucson Senior Olympic Festival, Jan. 28-29, 2010
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August 2008. Get to know SATTA Hall of Famer - Cyril Mikula. He featured in this month's Fitness Plus Magazine, Arizona's largest and oldest active lifestyle magazine. "He has a firm grip on what makes him happy" by Marlena Goodsitt. Read more

August 7, 2008. Coley Ward and his table tennis article in today's Arizona Daily Star

June 26, 2008  "Seniors stay in shape playing table tennis" by James S. Wood, AZ Daily Star ...Some would be surprised to learn that most of the seniors who play table tennis at the Udall Center are well over 50 years old. "Table tennis forces you to stay in shape," said Bert Lee, 81, who does sit-ups and push-ups every day. Lee, who was once ranked 19th in the country, has been playing since the early 1940s...Read more.

Click here to watch See the Ball, Hit the Ball - Just Don't Call It Ping-Pong! Tucson 12, the Cityís TV channel, did a story on the Tucson Table Tennis Club. The story is available for viewing on their website. The show is called Rec365. The table tennis segment starts after the BMX bikes story. Click on the TV Guide link for air times. Thanks to Menachem Turchick for contributing this info. P.S. You can watch this video on TV: ch. 12 (Cox) or ch.75 (Comcast) from July 14 to August 11. Click on picture above to watch it NOW.


Just Do It! is the famous Nike slogan. But in light of recent studies on how watching other people perform skills can help you learn faster, perhaps the slogan should be Just View It? Benefits of Watching Top Level Ping-Pong Players by Greg Letts. Read more
Timo Boll (Germany) vs Ding Song (China)

 Printed Media

       Tabling Tennis
 NEW YORK TIMES                                                                                                 Published: 09.02.2006

""Table tennis is about hand quickness. It is about how fast you can shuffle your feet from one end of the table to the other. Size and date of birth donít matter in table tennis. At the last United States Nationals I watched a large, middle-aged man rally with a little girl in an official match. And sorry to tell you this, Andre, but the reigning menís United States champion is 38 years old. Of course, the problem is that, in America, you canít put a 38-year-oldís face on a billboard or a cereal box..."                                              
            Read More


       From Russia with 'Love'
 ARIZONA DAILY STAR                                                                                                 Published: 05.20.2005

"I have been playing for the past hour in a tiring game, not letting my guard down, trying to win, battling for a prize, my skill, my future. My muscles are shaking, waiting to rest. The sound of the small white ball hitting both sides of the green table drills into my head, not letting me focus. I wipe the stream of sweat running down my forehead. Match point...                                                            
                              Read More

       Table Tennis Anyone?
110 DEGREES                                                                                                        Published: 06.03.2005

"Though table tennis is not very popular in America, 10 million people all around the world play the sport. It's said to be the second most popular sport in the world. In Arizona, there are places to play recreationally and competitively. Armory Park Senior Center attracts table-tennis players of all ages a few times a week. A gym in Phoenix holds open tournaments for players in the United States... "                                       Read More

       King Pong
         AARP Magazine                                                                     Published:
September/October 2005

"...The sponge was legalized, but the effect was devastating: crowds stopped coming to watch the tournaments, since, at best, sponge rallies came to be two or three erratic, high-velocity exchanges, in contrast to spellbinding hardbat contests with rallies of 20 or 30 exchanges..."                          Read More


   Watch amazing videos of the
    best European table tennis

#2 Timo Boll (Germany)
#3 Vladimir Samsonov (Belarus)
#7 Jean-Michel Saive (Belgium)
#20 Zoran Primorac (Croatia)
#24 Alexei Smirnov (Russia)

      full world ranking

Timo Boll  vs  Alexei Smirnov  01:41
Jean-Michel Saive vs Alexei Smirnov  02:40
Vladimir Samsonov vs Jean-Michel Saive  02:08
Jean-Michel Saive vs Zoran Primorac  03:54

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